A True Service Partner

At Global Industrial Services, we fully understand the importance of selecting the right facility maintenance provider. Business environments may change, but the need for a quality partner remains constant. The days of hastily sending out an RFP and choosing the low cost bidder are a thing of the past. You need a partner that listens to your specific needs, provides you with the best resources available, and delivers consistent, quality results all of the time. 

By partnering with each of our customers, we have as much invested as you the facility manager or property owner. That investment lies in the quality of our equipment, training of our employees, and depth of resources dedicated to service your facilities. And most importantly, we take pride in self-performing the services we offer.

Unparalleled quality that fits your budget

It’s our commitment to self-performance—with our own expert team of managers, employees, and state-of-the-art, company-owned equipment that allows us to standardize processes and maintain the highest levels of quality control and customer service. While the competition attempts to lower pricing by purchasing low bid services from subcontractors, Global provides high quality employees and eliminates subcontractor overhead and fees. This results in more dollars going towards the services being performed than to additional middlemen. When you combine our buying power with our ability to move and cross-utilize our staff and equipment at a moment’s notice, you get optimum efficiency and competitive pricing that helps you meet today’s tighter budgets.

Global’s partners have rewarded our commitment to quality, service and price with their loyalty and many referrals.