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What Makes Our Snow Services Different?

Dedication and Expertise

When contracting a snow provider, do you really know who is performing the work and whether or not they have the expertise, resources, and financial stability to perform when the weather gets severe? At Global Industrial Services we don’t trust just anyone to service our customers. We self-perform the vast majority of the services we offer. This ensures you always receive our highly trained, dedicated employees servicing your facility with our company-owned and insured equipment. And rest assured that you have managers, supervisors, and staff with years of snow and ice removal experience working directly for you.

Resources and Scale

Whether you have a couple of facilities or hundreds of sites across multiple states, Global has the necessary resources to handle any size contract. With over 400 pieces of company owned heavy equipment and an additional 500 pieces of lightweight machinery dispatched across multiple states, we have the ability to offer a consistent level of service typical of a local contractor, but with the scale and resources of a national snow provider. Our snow solution provides you with one contract, one point of contact, and one invoice across all of your facilities.

We Understand Snow and Weather Risk

Can your snow service contractor provide you with an accurate history of your winter weather risk and the potential expenses you might face? Do you struggle to construct an accurate snow removal budget each year? At Global we have a passion for weather and a commitment to helping you understand winter weather and the expense risks you face each season. We are the only snow service provider in the country with a weather risk professional on staff. Our proprietary models can compare historical weather data to your specific contract to provide you with the most precise estimate of your removal charges, giving you greater confidence in your budget.

Flexible Contract Options

We know the importance of preserving your snow expense budget. That's why we work with you to determine the optimal removal solution and design a contract that fits your specific needs and budget. We offer several types of removal contract options, including per-occurrence, fixed, or season, as well as our exclusive per-occurrence contract with a cap. This type of contract is ideal for those who require budget certainty without purchasing a fixed contract and giving up the cost savings provided by a year of low snowfall.

A True Service Partner

We treat each customer relationship as a true partnership. One in which we have as much invested in the relationship as you the facility manager or property owner. We back that up by investing heavily in quality, state-of-the-art equipment, highly trained employees, and all of the resources necessary to meet and exceed your highest expectations.

Global’s partners have rewarded our commitment to quality, service, and price with their loyalty and many referrals.


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Global Industrial Services Ranked 13th in Snow Magazine’s Top 100 Snow and Ice Management Providers in North America for 2014.

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