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An Understanding & Expertise Beyond Just Pushing Snow

To achieve the ranking of the 13th largest snow and ice management company in North America, it takes more than just an understanding of how to clear snow. Whether you have a couple of sites or hundreds, you can count on Global to have the equipment, infrastructure, and expert team to deliver a reliable and responsive service solution. And with our ability to self-perform most services, you receive the personalized service you’d expect from a local contractor, with the scale of a national snow provider.

With Global as your snow service partner, you get:

SELF-PERFORMANCE. Your snow and ice management is performed by our full-time employees using our company-owned and insured equipment. This is quite unique in today's snow services industry - a service provider with true "skin in the game".

SIZE AND SCALE. Global has a nationwide reach with dozens of offices. We own over 400 pieces of large snow removal equipment and hundreds of smaller pieces that are dispatched throughout our service areas.

EXPERTISE. Our managers and supervisors draw on years of snow removal experience to provide you with a superior and consistent level of service across your entire portfolio.  Whether you have one facility or hundreds, we have the experience and expertise to provide you with a quality and reliable service that is unmatched in the snow services industry.

EFFICIENCY. Owning our own equipment and managing our own workforce gives us complete control and the ability to re-position resources during severe snow and ice events or unexpected equipment breakdowns.   

A SINGLE-SOURCE PROVIDER. One contact, one contract, and one invoice for all your facilities.

SUBSTANTIAL COST SAVINGS. There are no middle men. We are your direct service vendor which allows us to offer you the most competitive pricing available. 

STATE-OF-THE-ART EQUIPMENT. Our service professionals operate the most up-to-date and advanced equipment in the industry. You can be sure that your facilities are receiving the highest level of service in the most efficient manner possible.

CUSTOMIZED CONTRACT PRICING OPTIONS. We can design a service solution that fits both your scope of work and most import, your budget. Contract options include our exclusive per-occurrence contract with an expense cap, perfect for those who seek budget certainty without having to purchase a fixed contract.

WEATHER RISK MANAGEMENT. Probably the most overlooked factor facing both buyers of snow services and providers is winter weather volatility. Providers who don't have an understanding or expertise in weather risk are doing themselves and their customers a major disservice. We are the only snow provider in the country with a weather risk officer on staff. We can help you better understand your winter weather risk and ultimately make budgeting for snow removal a more precise exercise. 

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Global Industrial Services Consistently  Ranked One of the Largest in Snow Magazine’s Top 100 Snow and Ice Management Providers in North America.